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The ESG Reporting Framework and the results of the ESG data collection 2023 by France Invest guide private equity stakeholders in the collection and reporting of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. Question IE 1.1 requires the provision of the “Company Name” and the “Portfolio Company Name used by GPs (General Partners) and LPs (Limited Partners) who have invested”. This information is crucial for clearly identifying the companies in which partners have invested, thus facilitating the analysis and monitoring of ESG performance.

1. How to answer this question ?

To answer this question, you need to indicate the full legal name of the concerned company as well as the portfolio company name if it differs. The full legal name is the one registered with regulatory authorities and used in all official documents. If the company operates under a different brand or trade name, this can be mentioned additionally. For portfolio companies, indicate the name under which they are known by the general partners (GP) and limited partners (LP) who have invested, if it differs from the company’s legal name.

2. Why is it important ?

This information is fundamental for several reasons:

– Precise Identification: It allows for the unequivocal identification of the company concerned by the report, thus avoiding any confusion with entities bearing similar names.

– ESG Performance Analysis: By knowing the exact entity, investors can track and analyze the ESG performance specific to that company.

– Transparency: Providing these details enhances the transparency and credibility of ESG reporting, a crucial element for external stakeholders, including potential investors and regulators.

3. Examples :

– Example A: If the company is called “Sustainable Technologies SA” but operates under the brand “GreenTech”, you should indicate “Company Name: Sustainable Technologies SA” and add “Operating under the trade name: GreenTech” if this information is relevant.

– Example B: For a portfolio company, if the GPs and LPs have invested in it under the name “EcoInvest Group”, but its legal name is “Ecological Investments, LLC”, indicate “Portfolio Company Name used by GPs and LPs who have invested: EcoInvest Group”.

In conclusion, accurate and transparent reporting of the company and portfolio company names as per the IE 1.1 question in the France Invest 2023 ESG Reporting Framework is not just a procedural requirement. It is a critical step towards ensuring clarity, facilitating precise ESG performance analysis, and enhancing the overall credibility of ESG reporting. By meticulously providing the full legal and, if applicable, operational names of companies, investors and stakeholders are equipped with the essential information needed to track investments and assess their environmental, social, and governance impacts.

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