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Monitoring workplace accidents is an essential component of managing health and safety within companies. The ESG framework of France Invest requires companies to report the total number of workplace accidents that occurred during the reporting year. This crucial data for assessing occupational risks must be rigorously collected to ensure employee safety and corporate accountability. We’ll explore how to answer this question, why it’s important, and provide practical examples.

1. How to answer this question ?

To address this question, companies must:

1. Collect data: Gather all data on workplace accidents that occurred during the reporting year, using national sources such as labor inspection files, insurance and compensation records, death registers, or any internal investigation.

2. Exclude non-relevant cases: Remove from your count cases of COVID contracted in the workplace and accidents occurring during the commute outside working hours.

3. Calculate the frequency rate: Use the provided formula to calculate the frequency rate of workplace accidents.

2. Why is it important ?

Reporting the number of workplace accidents indicates the effectiveness of the company’s health and safety policies. It also shows the company’s commitment to occupational risk prevention and employee protection. Moreover, these data are often required by regulation and can influence the perception of investors and partners.

3. Examples :

– Example A: A manufacturing company recorded 5 workplace accidents during the year for a total of 250 full-time employees (FTEs). The frequency rate will be calculated as follows: (5 accidents * 1,000,000) / (8 * 220 * 250) = 11.36.

– Example B: A logistics company had 20 workplace accidents for 500 FTEs. Their frequency rate will be: (20 * 1,000,000) / (8 * 220 * 500) = 22.73.

Accurately counting and declaring the number of workplace accidents is essential for assessing workplace safety conditions and for ESG reporting. This information helps to improve preventive measures and promote a safer work environment for all employees.

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