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France Invest 2023 / ESG Reporting – IE 7.2. GHG scope 1 emissions

IE 7.2 of the France Invest ESG Reporting Framework focuses on GHG Scope 1 emissions, i.e., direct emissions from sources controlled by the company. This data is crucial for assessing the direct impact of the company’s activity on the environment.

1. How to answer this question ?

Companies must calculate their direct GHG emissions according to the GHG Protocol or compatible national methods. Emissions should be expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) and rounded to the first decimal. This includes all direct emissions from the company’s facilities and vehicles, for example.

2. Why is it important ?

Accounting for Scope 1 emissions is essential as it reflects the direct carbon footprint of the company and its commitment to reducing GHG emissions. It is a key indicator for climate change mitigation strategies and shows the company’s willingness to take concrete actions for sustainable operation.

3. Examples :

– Example A : “Our factory generated 5.0 tCO2e this year from our use of fossil fuels for energy production, calculated according to the GHG Protocol.”

– Example B : “We accounted for 2.5 tCO2e of direct emissions from our delivery vehicle fleet, in line with methods recommended by Recommendation 2013/179/EU.”

It is important to note that these figures are essential components of sustainability reports and serve as a basis for developing emission reduction strategies.

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